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"Monolithic Nuance" Out Today via Longform Editions!

My release via Longform Editions is out today! It's a track of nearly 19 minutes in length, spanning multiple movements, and informed by practices of Deep Listening.

"The title itself, 'Monolithic Nuance,' speaks to the way in which I've interpreted the more sociopolitical aspects of Deep Listening as an embodied practice. Deep Listening espouses this notion that there is the tendency to commit one's energy toward a global attention, as opposed to a focal attention. This can be applied, of course, to the practice of listening, by honing in on the focal attention of the ear and picking out a tone within an otherwise chaotic environment; it can also be done by choosing to listen to a voice that is suppressed, silenced, or otherized. I think Deep Listening strives to encourage its practitioners to embody both this global (monolithic) and focal (nuanced) philosophy in approaching music, pure sound, and compassionate acts toward others. I've been thinking about this concept a great deal in the context of this seemingly human tendency to create a 'pure' definition of what a person can or cannot embody based on some identity they have projected, and I attempted to explore these tensions and harmonies within this piece as well. "

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