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Fractured Whole (LP, Beacon Sound, 2023)

Fall Back Into Earth by Cruel Diagonals & Jon Carr (Digital, Self-Released, 2022)

A Dormant Vigor (Digital, Self-Released, 2021)

Monolithic Nuance (Digital, Longform Editions, 2018)

Disambiguation (LP, Drawing Room Records, 2018)

Pulse of Indignation (EP, limited cassette bundle with LP, Drawing Room Records, 2018; digital, Drawing Room Records, 2019)

"Carapace/Oneiric Amplitude" (Cassette, Superpolar Taïps, 2021)

"Topography of an Affliction" (Self-Released, 2020)

"Null and Devoid" (Doom Mix Vol. IV, Doom Trip, 2020)

"Praxis" (Missives, Bandcloud, 2019)

"Itinerant Solitude" (Rightly Horrified Vol. 1 compilation, Knife Play, 2018)

"Abnegation of Self" (SUMMER EXPO 2018,, 2018)

"Oblique Ritual" (But You Don't Look Sick, Always Human Tapes, 2018)

"Cruel Diagonals for Modular Manifestation" (Digital, Self-Released, 2021)

Wayward In Limbo (commission for Wayward Series, Seattle, 2020)


Features and Remixes


Miscellaneous Recordings


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